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Ask Question:
2/2/2012 15:27:27

When Malta Carnival takes place in 2012? How long will it last?

16/1/2012 00:35:49

How long is the ride from Heraklion to Chania in Crete Island?

12/1/2012 19:40:37

Hi, I'm looking for hotels with smoking rooms in London. Thanks

14/5/2011 21:04:40

How much is a greyhound bus ticket from edmonton, Ab to Fremont, California?

14/5/2011 15:07:02

We will visit Lisbon in June and want to visit Pena palace. How to reach Pena Palace in Sintra by public transportation and what are the opening hours of Pena? Thanks!

22/4/2011 18:23:43

I need details about the CAT train from Vienna international Airport to Vienna center. Thanks

22/4/2011 03:04:49

How do I get from Berlin to Hamburg in North Germany and to Koln by Public transportation like bus or train?

10/5/2010 16:31:51

Where can I study Mandarin Chinese language in Hong Kong?

4/4/2010 10:06:30

Is there a direct train from New York to Logan Airport in Boston?

8/3/2010 12:06:30

I want to take a bus from Salzburg to lakes area of Salzkammergut. From where exactly do I take the bus in Salzburg?

21/2/2010 01:36:52

What is there to see in Bulgarian Rila Mountains and what is the Seven Rila lakes route? Thanks

12/2/2010 14:19:29

I'm looking for information about the ferries on Lago di Maggiore in Northern Italy. Where can I find prices & timetables?

11/2/2010 14:22:45

We are visiting Northern Italy during early April. I'd like to know whether these attractions are already open at the beginning of April: ardaland, Movie-land & Monte Baldo cableway in Garda and Isola Bella in Maggiore.

9/2/2010 14:36:01

While in South Africa, we plan to visit Swaziland for several hours with a car. Can you recommend some interesting places in such a short visit?

9/2/2010 12:29:26

How much does it cost to take a train from New Delhi to Rishikesh in India?

5/2/2010 01:34:26

Barcelona- When is Easter this year? Also, I would like to know what's open and closed on these days in the city

29/1/2010 01:41:31

I’m planning a trip from Mid February; starting in north India, continue to Nepal and afterwards Tibet. I have no time limit and would like to know is this the right order to visit those countries between February & April?

28/1/2010 13:58:23

Tenerife – What is the name of the popular or large supermarkets chain on the Island?

26/1/2010 17:01:25

What is the best way to fly from Laos to Indian city of Chennai? Can I get a Visa to India while I'm in Laos?

25/1/2010 01:37:35

We will be in Lisbon at the end of March and I heard about a famous confectionery called Pasteis de Belem. Can I get more details about this place?

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